Recognizing Denton small businesses through 28th annual award

The city of Denton thrives on the success of its businesses, both big and small.

Small businesses make up nearly 75 percent of the Denton Chamber of Commerce’s membership.

By recognizing the impact these organizations have on the Denton community, the Chamber is searching for the next Small Business of the Year.

This is the 28th year the award will be presented.

It is an annual project sponsored by chamber’s Small Business Initiatives Committee, chaired by Erik Clark, with Wellspring Insurance Agency.

Clark will serve on the panel that chooses the award recipient. He says it is important to acknowledge a business for their success no matter the industry.

“Whether one of the many local eateries, boutiques, or businesses doing business internationally, each help shape the personality of Denton,” The City of Denton businesses are, in my opinion, what continues to shape the City of Denton as a friendly place to do business.

2012 winner Judy Smith, owner of Roses Costumes, says the honor has provided great recognition for her business.

“Many of our customers knew that I had won and congratulated me. We had a copy of the article laminated and set it on the counter with my award.”

Judy Smith, owner of Roses Costumes, accepting the Small Business of the Year award

Judy Smith, owner of Roses Costumes, accepting the 2012 Small Business of the Year award

Smith encourages people in the community to nominate for the award.

“It’s great to give an award to an owner that has worked hard to improve their business over several years,” Smith said.

According to the Denton Chamber of Commerce president Chuck Carpenter, the award has been presented to two Chamber businesses on more than one occasion. Both little Guys Mover and Denton Depot have been awarded twice.

Carpenter says nominations are primarily based on an individual’s business-related accomplishments as of December 31, 2013, and may include a combination of comparable growth indices, innovation, and the ability to overcome adverse circumstances.

“There are numerous honors and recognitions for local individuals who donate their efforts for charitable and philanthropic causes,” Carpenter said. “That,  however, is not the purpose of this award.”

The deadline to nominate a small business for the award is January 15.

The award will be presented at the next Membership Luncheon on February 28.

by: Brianna Vela

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