Keeping it Beautiful in Denton


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Local artist painting mural

Business Name: Keep Denton Beautiful

Primary Representative: Lauren Barker

What does your business do? Keep Denton Beautiful (KDB) works with Denton residents, neighborhoods, schools, businesses, and others in the community to create a clean and beautiful city.

How long have you done business in Denton? KDB has been working in Denton for the last 28 years, since 1987.

How long have you been a member of the Denton chamber? Since 2007

Denton is a unique, vibrant, and eclectic business city. In a few sentences, describe how you fit in the Denton community. KDB connects with businesses in a really unique way, by providing them with opportunities to leave our city better than they found it. We rely on our local business leaders to forge the path when it comes to volunteerism and giving back to the community – and Denton does NOT let us down! We have so many wonderful business partnerships that are truly a key component of our work and why we are able to accomplish so much for our great city.

What is your business’ most outstanding quality? Why? KDB links neighbors with each other, and in turn connects those people with resources and the knowledge they need to – each year – clean up multiple tons of litter from our city’s streets, plant thousands of trees each year, and teach schoolchildren in dozens of Denton-area schools what it means to be good stewards of our community. The truly outstanding thing is that this work is accomplished in great part due to the more than 6,000 volunteers who work with us each year. There are only THREE KDB staff members, so we could very literally not do what we do without our amazing volunteers!

How do you do Denton? By exhibiting and encouraging a sense of pride, ownership, and commitment to our community – for now and for years to come.

What do you like most about doing business in Denton? The passionate, collaborative sense of community that permeates every part of this city. We love working with anyone who lives, works, and plays in our city to make sure our city stays clean and beautiful.

What has most influenced your success? Our wonderful partnerships with local businesses, the city government, our local schools, and neighborhoods. Without the support and engagement of these very core players in our community, we would not enjoy such high levels of participation in our programs, effect such tremendous outcomes, or see the kind of lasting success that Denton has had in creating a beautiful, vibrant city.

Do you have any upcoming events and/or plans? Believe it or not, we are already gearing up for the fall and our tree planting programs! If you need trees for your home or business, we offer free trees and tree planting education through programs like the Tree Giveaway and NeighborWoods. Registration for these programs will be opening in September through our website at

What do you do to unwind after a hard day’s work? I love to meet friends for happy hour margaritas at Mulberry Street Cantina, or head up to the Square for dinner with my family at one of our favorite spots, like LSA Burger. Of course, we always have to get Beth Marie’s ice cream after! On more low-key days, we will take the kids to play at our neighborhood park.

Tell us a fun fact about your business: As a Keep America Beautiful affiliate, KDB is required to complete an annual report of our work in the community, which includes a cost-benefit analysis and compiled statistics from all KDB programs throughout the year. During the 2014-15 reporting year, KDB worked with more than 6,000 community volunteers to: plant and give away 2,863 trees; complete 19 neighborhood and school beautification projects; remove nearly 30 TONS of litter from Denton’s streets, waterways, and public spaces; and return the community’s investment in our programs by more than 200%!

For more information on Keep Denton Beautiful, visit

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