How Denton Gets Its Health Kicks

Denton can now add another noteworthy statistic to its list of accomplishments. According to the County Health Rankings and Roadmaps, Denton County is ranked 3rd out of 232 counties for Health Outcomes and 10th for Health Factors. Our city could be largely responsible for this due to the numerous options available for residents to get their fitness on.

While the ambiance in Denton is fun, unique, educational and professional, there remains room for activities which get the community active and moving. “There are always people running, cycling, or just hanging out at the Downtown Square reading a book or picnicking” says Angela Europe, member of the Denton Area Running Club. She also makes mention of new initiatives which allow for safer outdoor activities. With new bike trails, people feel more encouraged to cycle through town.

Denton also encompasses a motivating environment to get the community to live a healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s through food or workout options, Denton has a little something for everyone:

  • Denton Area Running Club hosts social runs every Wednesday starting at Oak St. Drafthouse & Cocktail Parlor.
  • Seniors in Motion, Inc. hosts many programs to encourage seniors to stay active.
  • Healthy food options may be found at health food stores such as Cupboard Natural Foods.
  • The #DentonMeansBusiness 5K & Fun Run organized by the Denton Chamber along with its partners is a new initiative to get the business community active and offer a great team building experience.
  • Camp Gladiator offers many group workouts along with many trainer options.
  • Denton Breakfast Kiwanis Club puts together the Turkey Roll Bicycle Rally.

While being healthy definitely has its “physical, mental, and spiritual benefits” as mentioned by Audrey Word, it also provides advantages in the business community. Being healthy and staying active actually improves focus and productivity in the workplace. When a business has a healthy workforce, financial performance and employee satisfaction also increase. This is partly due to the fact that when a person is healthy they possess a lesser risk of being ill for long periods of time which minimizes absenteeism. When employees show up, healthy and ready to work, the chances of a more productive day increase.

Beyond business efficiency, a healthy staff also helps uplift the morale in the general workplace.

If you’re wanting to encourage health & wellness in your business, here are some things to consider:

  • Provide healthy snacks. Be aware of the options provided for you. Denton has restaurants that cater to more health conscious alternatives. Whether it’s a snack or food for a meeting, choose the healthier option at least once in a while.
  • Rather than scheduling a regular conference meeting, choose an appropriate day for a walking meeting. Walk the walk, talk the talk.
  • Encourage your workers to take advantage of local gyms by asking for special group rates. Maybe even go as far as to offer incentives for the one who takes full advantage of this.
  • Encourage breaks in between the stressful load throughout the day.
  • Keep a board of information regarding health & wellness in the office or include a routine health tip or healthy recipe in your internal staff newsletter.
  • Sign up as a team for runs, workouts, etc. This can help with team building as well.

A healthy community also attracts newcomers, whether they be new residents, tourists, or customers. Many people seek and consider towns with outdoor activities to participate in. New people generate new business.

Living in Denton, there are multiple ways to be healthy, stay active, and be well. Be a healthy leader, and soon enough others will follow. That’s Denton: healthy, active, and successful.

By: Idania Carranza


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