Came for the run & enjoyed the fun!

It was a breezy, beautiful, Saturday morning. Apogee Stadium looked warm and welcoming with the sun rising just above the horizon. The directional parking signs helped direct traffic to the designated location, where the very first #DentonMeansBusiness 5K & Fun Run events would unfold. Staff, volunteers, and partners arrived for setup with sleepy eyes, and so began the chaos.

Race directors ran from one end of the stadium to another and beyond to make sure that the route was ready to go, streets had been closed off, and everything was working perfectly for the big day that lay ahead. Chamber staff set out the registration table and the remaining packet pickup from the previous day. UNT employees and volunteers set up the field, signs, bathrooms, and anything else that needed preparation. Tech people played around with the cameras and sound to make sure they were ready to capture the events of the day, and remaining volunteers filled in the holes with any job that they were assigned.

By 7:30 a.m., early birds began arriving. Some came for late registration and others came for packet pickup. The excitement built up as more and more people entered the stadium ready to run and have some fun.

Soon enough, little ones ran and danced to amped up music while their parents conversed with friends and colleagues. Then the loud voice from the sky guided the 1 mile runners to the 50 yard line.

Some lined up individually, others with a group of friends, and a few with strollers. When instructed to go, they dashed across the line and followed the adventure that awaited them. Cameras followed the runners as they returned, strong and fighting, to the finish line. Corner Bakery provided post-run snacks and drinks and UNT awarded finisher prizes to the kids.

The 5K runners continued to warm up as the fun-runners made their way back. A huge timer was displayed by the start line in order for them to see their time as they returned. Some people continued to register until it was time to get going. Runners made their way to the 50 yard line along with some of the Chamber Board and volunteer committee members to kick-off the race with a ceremonial ribbon cutting! (Is it really a Chamber event if we don’t use the big scissors and ribbon?)Pre-5K Ribbon Cutting.JPGAfter many pictures and cheers from the fans, the runners were off!

Rockin with Rhett set up on the tailgate stage to entertain the participants while the 5K took place.

Before the timer hit 30 minutes some speedy runners had returned. The camera crew made sure to display them on the video board as they came in one by one. Some few minutes later, all participants had made it back to the 50 yard line ready for some food, drinks, and music!


The tailgate took place behind the stadium, up on the hill. Sponsors set up booths for participants to come by, learn more about them, and grab some goodies. Audacity Brewhouse, Miller of Denton and Oak St. Drafthouse provided drinks while Hooters and Corner Bakery provided food. The rest of the day continued on with live music by Big Tasty and the Moonshiners!

And then came the awards.

One fellow ran the WHOLE course without shoes on! That sounds a little painful, but he seemed to have enjoyed it. Of course he got a prize.  Another runner, dressed up with cute running clothes and some neat sunglasses also got a prize. One participant, turned 80 that day and had a strong finish with some family members running beside him holding a birthday banner! It was definitely something to remember. (Again, is it really a Chamber event if there are no door prizes?).

Finally, the highly anticipated finisher medals were presented to first, second, and third place winners in different age groups, and to the overall male and female winners.

The afternoon continued on with lots of interaction, music, and food leading up to the UNT Spring Game at 2 o’clock.

The music continued through breakdown, and the rest was history.

The buzz of the event continued via social media with great reviews on Facebook. Abby Crow stated, “Challenging course, fun atmosphere, great post run food and entertainment! We had a blast!”

Special thanks to everyone who contributed in making this a successful event! Thank you to our partners, Blue Steele Solutions, Mean Green Athletics, and Denton Area Running Club! An extended thank you to all of our sponsors and volunteers as well.


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By: Idania Carranza

2 thoughts on “Came for the run & enjoyed the fun!

    • Thanks Jennifer! This was written by one of our recent interns. She did a fantastic job capturing the essence of this awesome day. We can’t wait until the next one! Mark your calendar for April 8!

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