Education is the Key to Our City!

As children learn and grow, they need support from those who can offer it. Education is key in the business world, and that’s why many businesses around the Denton area are embracing and supporting it. As stated by Nelson  Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” It’s safe to say that education is life changing, not only for the individual but also the community. Sometimes kids don’t see it that way, but give them time; soon, they will.   

When I started first grade, I never imagined I would receive a full ride scholarship as the Valedictorian of my class. Growing up, and even now, community support has been such an uplifting and empowering aspect of my education. I am an advocate for community support in education because it made all the difference for me, and I hope to have that same impact through giving back.

As stated by  Susan Booher of Betteye Myers Middle School, “Every student I can train to reason and think is a victory for me.” Education is learning to think outside the box and making a difference. Teachers work hard to teach the curriculum, but along with those lessons come life lessons. All of that combined knowledge travels with the students, and they are able to apply it to the real world.  Those who are being educated now are the leaders, employees, employers, business owners, and workforce of the future. There are multiple reasons the Denton Chamber of Commerce supports education in Denton, but this specific one is very important.

In conjunction with Denton ISD, the Chamber welcomed over 300 new employees at the annual New Employee Reception in August 2015. Chamber members sponsored the event. A portion of the money raised from vendor sponsorships was donated to the Denton Public School Foundation to award scholarships to new teachers. In funding teachers, we’re funding education and success. Some kids don’t have all the necessary resources to succeed and become the better versions of themselves. The Denton business community feels a sense of responsibility to help meet those needs.

Booher, a Sheltered Science Teacher, also wrote,  “I am so thankful that you are investing in our school overlooked and forgotten youngsters. I can tell you right now about a young man who can barely read but who can figure out complicated computer operations with ease. Another student who has a learning disability and comes in every lunch, on his own time, to get tutoring. A young lady who has been bounced back between California and Texas her whole life – and had decided that this year she will learn to read and write English.” Gives you a little hope for the future, doesn’t it?

Kelli N. Lorne from Borman Elementary, too, wrote a thank you to the Chamber. She said, “Without your generosity, it would not be possible for me to purchase Franklin Dictionaries for my students who are struggling readers due to Dyslexia. Students who are Dyslexic will always have some difficulty reading but using reading strategies and providing tools such as dictionaries will help students become more fluent readers and spellers.”

Along with Susan Booher and Kelli N. Lorne, a number of other teachers in Denton ISD have used their scholarships to provide new books, dictionaries, programs, and other resources for their students.

Aside from funding scholarships for teachers to use to enhance education, the Chamber has pioneered efforts such as the Career Planning Fair which gives sophomores and juniors an opportunity to gather information about different career and college choices to consider.  Another project supported by the Chamber is the Mayor’s Summer Youth Job Program that encourages local businesses to hire Denton’s youth over the summer.

Education is a growing movement, and is often seen as the gateway to marvelous opportunities, and it really is. Denton is a community that is willing to come together to support education and empower all learners!


By: Idania Carranza


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